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The TWIG Worm by Zee Bait Co.

$4.49 $5.99

Unique Zee Bait Co. Custom White Label Plastic Blend that is Phthalate Free Plastic

Designed and small batch manufactured in Pennsylvania USA!

- 8 count pack

- 4.0" / 1/4" thick at the joint on the worm

- Premium White Label Plastic Blend

- Bass Syrup scented with Coffee & Garlic

- Non Salted plastic for max life movement and durability!


"Rig-it" Tips:

- 1/0-2/0 EWG Gamakatsu hook

- Super Stand Up Shaky Head with smaller screw lock (weight of choice)

- Cut down to "Worm Head" for 3" profile and fished on a Ned head jig

- Drop shot