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Super Razor Beetle


Deep Creek Lures introduced the floating DC Super Razor Beetle™ creature bait to give the serious angler another weapon in their arsenal of fine baits. The DC Super Razor Beetle™ is a full 4¾ inches of a large fish’s worst nightmare! Its irresistible floating design features a very unusual body with a very high action tail. Two large thrashing flat tails, plus a leg on each side helps the body crash through grass and slide around lily pads, stumps and other heavy cover. The DC Super Razor Beetle™ has a slight groove in its body allowing the bait to be virtually fished weedless. The floating body is strong enough to support large hooks or jig heads. The real secret is the fact that our DC Super Razor Beetle™ floats where most other creature baits cannot. The DC Super Razor Beetle™ can be fished effectively any way the angler desires, shakey head, Carolina rig, Texas rig or even as a swim bait on a swimming jig head or on a Drop Shot. To top it all off, the DC Super Razor Beetle™ is infused with the exclusive Deep Creek Lures’ total fish attractant, the most effective scent on the market!


Quantity in Package: 6