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Riot Baits - Vigilante

SKU: RBV-006

Have you been feeling victimized by a lack of bites on your favorite body of water?

Don’t wait for fishing justice, take matters into your own hands with the Vigilante by Riot Baits.

The Vigilante is a sleek 4.5” creature bait that may be the most versatile soft plastic ever designed. The Vigilante has eight appendages- each with its own life-like action, making the Vigilante a big-time attention-getter. Its slender body slinks through weedy-vegetation and brush piles with ease, while the buoyant plastic ensures the Vigilante is always upright and visible- grabbing constant attention from lurking bass.

The Vigilante is a bit of a transformer. . . Each set of appendages can be removed, allowing the Vigilante to be altered in many different presentations. It can be rigged on everything from a Texas-rigged punching rig to a diminutive Ned head.

Regardless of how it is presented, the Vigilante is here to deliver some fishing justice.

Sold in 7ct bags.