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Riot Baits - Tungsten Minima Jig

SKU: RBMJ-0003

The Tungsten Minima Jig represents the cream of the crop in finesse-sized flipping jigs and is an improvement on the legendary lead version.

Measuring only 2.25″ in length, it is one of the smallest flipping jigs on the market. The new tungsten Minima features an even smaller head, allowing it to navigate cover even better than the original. Featuring a hand-tied skirt, and eliminating the rubber bands that can potentially slide or rot, ensures the skirt stays firmly in place even after an all-day session of skipping docks. Its stout 60-degree Mustad flipping hook provides ample backbone and an incredible hook-up ratio, with an extended bait keeper to secure a Tantrum jig trailer firmly in place.