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Riot Baits - The Probe

SKU: RBP-002

The Probe is a fish catching machine! We set out to design a good finesse worm, and we did it, but the Probe is more than just a quintessential finesse worm. We consider it a jack of all trades. Rig it Texas-rigged; on a Fidget Shakyhead; drag it on a Football Stand-up; wacky-rig it and watch it dance; Neko rig it or use it as a drop-shot bait....the results will be the same. This worm will help you build confidence in your fishing prowess and make you feel like an Bassmaster Elite Series champion.

The Probe is 5.5" and sold in packs of 10.

Fish Can't Resist

It's one of those baits you need to throw when conditions are tough. It's a soft and chewy morsel the fish can't resist.