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Riot Baits - RONIN

SKU: RBR-001

Rōnin literally means "wave man". The term was bestowed upon samurai with no lord or master. The samurai oath prevented Rōnin from seeking other forms of employment, so Rōnin often became mercenaries or bodyguards for criminal organizations. They utilized their skills to make their mark, and that is what Riot Baits’ Ronin is here to do. . . make its mark on your favorite body of water. The Ronin topwater walking bait has a pronounced rocker from nose to tail. It is this rocker that allows the Ronin to be easily “walked” even by the most novice of fishermen. The Ronin’s walking action provides a lot of commotion. It slashes and slides, producing a wide walking action with a distinct audible two-toned rattle. Ronin’s unique two-toned rattle system helps increase casting distance and aids in luring fish to bite. Every slash of the Ronin results in a loud knock from its single hard tungsten casting ball, while a secondary, more subdued baitfish sound can be heard from smaller ball rattles located in Ronin’s head chamber. The combined visual and audible elements make the Ronin one of the most effective walking baits on the market today.

The Reflex Series was built to a higher standard than traditional crankbaits that use shallow screws to secure hooks into the body of the crankbait. The Ronin, and all of the hard baits in the Reflex Series, feature Riot’s Wire-Thru construction. Wire-Thru provides significant increases in strength and overall bait integrity by connecting the line tie directly to each and every hook eye via one continuous wire. No more rear trebles being pulled out of the bait when fighting a large fish or attempting to get a crankbait unstuck from a piece of cover. The Reflex Series was designed for battle.