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Riot Baits - Reactor 1.5

SKU: RBR15-006

The Reactor 1.5 Squarebill is part of Riot's new Reflex Series of crankbaits. All the crankbaits in the Reflex Series feature “Wire-Thru” construction for added strength, eliminating the possibility of a lost fish due to hook anchor displacement. The Reactor 1.5 is a 3/8 oz. 2.25” squarebill sporting an ergonomic, multi-angled body providing realism and increased deflection characteristics. The elevated, lower volume tail allows the Reactor to have a blazingly wide wobbling action that produces thunderous vibration. The Reactor's wide wobble is enhanced by a subtle one knocker rattle providing optimum fish-calling sound by imitating a rooting crawfish.

It is equipped with ultra-sharp Mustad 2X Short Shank Hooks and is adorned with unique 3d epoxy eyes and great fish catching colors. The Reactor 1.5 has the ideal bill angle that produces an aggressive hunting and swimming action and maximizes rock and brush deflection which equates to fewer hang-ups and more bites.