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Riot Baits - Baton

SKU: RBB-003

 The new Patent Pending design of the Baton is a worm that surpasses the performance of all other wacky-rigged worms on the market today. The Baton’s unique design combined with its heavy salt content create a fast fall rate and unparalleled action. The Baton features a tri-module design to maximize its underwater undulation by creating variances in its water displacement.

Although it shines wacky rigged, the Baton was carefully designed to allow it to be rigged numerous ways other than strictly wacky-rigged. The Baton is easily Texas-rigged on a 3/0 flipping or EWG hook. It makes a great worm for a Neko rig; can double as a fluke; works excellent on most shakyheads; looks amazing on a drop-shot or any other imaginative rigging option you can think of. What is more impressive is the Baton will still undulate in the same way it does wacky-rigged when it is Texas-rigged weightless!

Length 4.6"

Packs of 10