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Reel Scremer - Creme Lures

SKU: 9309-05

Reel Scremer

The Creme Lure Reel Scremer swim bait has fins running down the body which creates great sound and action in the water.  Designed in collaboration between professional angler, Hank Cherry and Creme Lures, the Creme Lures Reel Scremer delivers a unique design that is packing serious attraction. Built with fins running down the length of the body, the Creme Lures Reel Scremer provides the same silhouette as solid plastic lures, minus the bulk.  Generating an acoustic element of attraction as well, the Creme Lures Reel Scremer emits a subtle underwater sound that can be heard by fish.
Comes in two sizes 3.5" and 5".