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Mule Fishing - Horse Fly

SKU: 5151

The Horse Fly was designed for light-line anglers who want to imitate insect larvae. Almost all species of fish prey on small insects so this little plastic will help you land numerous species. It will especially be good for panfish and trout due to their heavy insect-based diets.

Key Features:

  • Formulated with material which makes it stretchy & durable
  • High buoyancy so it will stand up when paired on a Mule Jig

Length: 1.5"
Quantity Per Pack: 10

The Horse Fly pairs perfectly with the 1/80oz - 1/32oz Mule Jigs. If you want to shorten the profile a little bit, simply cut the nose portion of the bait off which will slim down your offering to a more finesse approach. Additionally, you can use this in numerous other fashions, such as a Drop Shot, Split Shot Rig, or even vertically jigging it through the ice!