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Knockin Tail Lures - 3.25" G Shad 6 per pack


The new Knockin Tail is a solid body swimbait that has a rattle built into the tail! That’s right, with every flutter of the tail it sends out fish attracting sound that entice fish natural instinct to feed. They have unbelievable tail action and sound at a slow retrieve. As long as the Knockin Tail is moving, it's rattling, continuously producing that fish attracting sound. Unlike other soft plastics that only rattle when you twitch your rod, the unique design of the Knockin Tail Lure allows it to rattle continuously on a steady retrieve. No more inserting rattles or purchasing special jigheads that don’t fit your lure properly to get the rattling sound you need. In fresh or saltwater, with lateral line stimulation, no fish can resist the need to feed!

6 pack