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HR Tackle - 6" Bubblegum Worms


Don't expect your "buddies" to rave about these proven worms. The Bubblegum series just keeps on quietly winning tournaments. With a bucketful of features, it's easy to see why so many fishermen want to keep them all to themselves.

Haw River started the "Bubblegum frenzy" using unique colors with a symmetrical shape, neutral buoyancy and proprietary formula. Although often imitated, the Haw River Bubblegum Worm is still the pinnacle of floating worms.

  • Highly Detailed Finish and Closely Matched Seams
  • Symmetrical Design for a Non-twisting Action
  • Proprietary Plastic with a Consistent Firmness, Buoyancy and Flexibility
  • Low Level, Non-offensive Odor
  • For Topwater or Carolina Rigging

20 pack