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Hi-Def Craw 3-inch 4-pack - Brown and Orange

SKU: 304-104

The Tackle HD Hi-Def Craw is the most realistic crawfish imitation to hit the market. But it couldn’t just look the part.... it had to act the part! This bait began as a 3D scan of an actual crawfish and was tweaked to make it functional while never losing its high-definition detail. The lifelike movement of the Hi-Def Craw combined with its anatomically correct detail is what truly sets it apart.

  • Realistic crawfish bait designed from 3D scans of real crawfish with high definition detail and quality appearance
  • This crawfish bait is a realistic alternative to live bait - Fish can't tell the difference
  • The HD Craw moves like its live counterpart to tempt fish to try a bite
  • The HD Craw is made with a proprietary plastic formula that provides unmatched durability for plenty of fish catches
  • All Tackle HD Craws are manufactured in the USA
  • 4 per pack