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GreenFish Stray Dog Balsa Squarebill


Offering the quality and hand-made craftsmanship that crankbait anglers have come to appreciate, the Greenfish Tackle Stray Dog Crankbaits are made from premium balsa wood to provide the high-floating action needed to reduce snags around heavy cover. This small profile, flat-sided crankbait generates tight-wiggling action perfect for unlocking the jaws of stubborn cold-water bass. Featuring a durable circuit board lip, the Stray Dog crankbait provides erratic deflections, dives quickly to depth, and each bill is hand-tuned before packaging to ensure they are running true right out of the box.

All Greenfish Tackle balsa crankbaits are coated with a durable brushed-on clear coat to protect their custom paint finishes, and each lure is meticulously painted by hand so there may be slight variations between the same color. Delivering hard-hunting balsa wood action to produce bites in cold water or heavily pressured situations, the Greenfish Tackle Stray Dog Crankbaits are finished with a pair of sticky sharp Mustad Ultra Point treble hooks to ensure every bite makes its way into your livewells. 

Length - 2 1/4"

Weight - 5/16oz.

Depth - 3-5 feet