Bizz Baits Cutter Craw

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The NEW Cutter Craw kicks and swims unlike any other craw on the market! Though it may have some appearances as some you may have seen, the design of these claws allows this bait to swim effortlessly on the fall no matter what weight you are using.

This craw is a bait to always be kept handy, since it can be fished anywhere, and is extremely versatile.

The joining of the claws have an inner segment of extra plastic that we like to call “tough claw technology” to give the Cutter Craw extra durability. This extra line of plastic acts as a shock absorber, so your bait lasts longer from short strikes or nibbles from panfish, usually causing wear and tear.

The bait’s action is one you must see to believe! With the slightest effort, this bait will jump, hop and practically dance before your eyes. Bounce this craw around or put it on a jig, and your bass will be having nothing but Cutter Craws for dinner.

As always made with our signature buoyant plastic that is also salt impregnated and scented with our signature “Jack’em Juice”!

MEASUREMENTS: 3.75″ (8 per bag)

HOOK: 3/0 EWG or 4/0 EWG

BEST RIGGED: Texas Rigged, Carolina Rigged, Jig Trailer, or on a Shakey Head