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Riot Baits - RAPTOR


Riot Baits is proud to announce the release of The Raptor lipless crankbait. The Raptor is the first hard bait offered by Riot Baits as part of the Riot Reflex Series. The Reflex Series is a culmination of collective ideas from several top anglers across the globe resulting in what some are calling “the best hard baits ever produced”. Tested for over two years on bodies of water like Guntersville, Lake Norman, Champlain, Okeechobee, and the Susquehanna Flats, the Raptor has cut its teeth on some of the best bass lakes in the country.

The Raptor, and all of the hard baits in the Reflex Series, feature Riot’s Wire-Thru construction. Riot’s Wire-Thru construction provides significant increases in strength and overall bait integrity by connecting the line tie directly to each and every hook eye via one continuous wire. No more rear trebles held in by an insecure shallow screw that is easily pulled out of the bait when fighting a large fish or attempting to get a crankbait unstuck from a piece of cover. The Reflex Series was designed for battle.

The Raptor features dual rattle chambers and an aggressive nose down position that gives the Raptor a fierce vibration and sound, while still making it easy to rip through the grass.  Its taller body allows for more displacement and provides the Raptor with a unique wobbling falling action and thundering aquatic signature when it’s retrieved through the water column. Its dual rattle system provides a divergence from one-knockers and lipless crankbaits that use single rattle chambers.  The Raptor comes equipped Mustad Short shank 2x treble hooks to help keep fish pinned-up and secure during the fight.