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BassReaper Cryptic Creature


The Cryptic Creature a unique craw style bait for flipping. Designed to look different this bait is as intriguing as it is unique. We have given this bait a tractor tire tread design for more water displacement. Because of this less action is required on the bait itself. Fish are unique in the ability to feel vibrations through their lateral lines. These lines run through the mid-section of the body of the fish. This ability to feel vibration allows fish to determine the size and location of other species around them. For that reason, water displacement is a critical component in bait profile especially in tight cover. Fish will often react to a disturbance in the water even before being able to see it. This is why a Bass’ natural instinct is to bite first, then determine if it’s actually food.

We recommend Texas Rigging a creature style bait on either a 3/0 or 4/0 or a roundbend style hook. Some anglers opt for an extra wide gap (EWG). Only experience and time on the water will let you determine your specific preference. Craw style baits are one of the most imitated bait styles on the market because bass feed on them consistently.

6 per pack.