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ArmA Craw by Zee Bait Co.

$5.50 $7.49

After 3.5 years of development and a team qualifying for nationals and wining countless events, we knew it was time to release the ArmA Craw!


Unique Zee Bait Co. Custom White Label Plastic Blend that is Phthalate Free Plastic

Designed and small batch manufactured in Pennsylvania USA!

- 7 count pack

- 4.25" overall length (4" from rear to claw tips)

- Premium White Label Plastic Blend

- Bass Syrup scented with Coffee & Garlic

- Non-Salted plastic for max life movement and durability!


"Rig-it" Tips:

- 3/0 EWG Gamakatsu hook / 2/0 Trapper Tackle Hook

- Jig Trailer

- Weighted Texas for a finesse skipping presentation

- Jika or Tokyo Rig


Designed and manufactured in Pennsylvania