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4.5" Fat Straight Tail Worm - Roboworm

SKU: SK-8296-08

Roboworm 4.5" FAT Worms -

This is Roboworm's little brother to the larger 6" FAT worm. Measuring in at 4 1/2", this little stubby Fat worm packs a real punch. Rig this Roboworm FAT worm as a Finesse Texas Rig or drop shot. This FAT worm also excels on a Shakey head. The FAT worm has the extra bulk to create more buoyancy when Carolina rigging. Pro Staffer Brett Hite won't leave the dock without a box full of these proven fish catchers. All 4 1/2" FAT worms feature Roboworm's exclusive "Salt Release Technology" and come in all of your favorite Roboworm colors.

 Pack of 8