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OneCast Fishing Long Neck Hooks

SKU: LN4/0

The Long Neck Hook.  You all wanted them.  Here they are! Sold in packs of 4 hooks. 

These hooks were originally designed and are used in our Snagless Punch Jigs.  But, we thought why couldn't we use these hooks on long magnum worms.  The hook point lays more towards the center of the worm, which should decrease the amount of short strikes.  When we posted a video of us rigging a magnum speed worm on the 5/0 Long Neck, the strong interest was overwhelming.  We had to make them available for anglers! 

4/0 Long Neck Hook - Wire Diameter .059 inches - Overall Length 2.8 inches

5/0 Long Neck Hook - Wire Diameter .062 inches - Overall Length 3.1 inches

These are unique fishing hooks and unlike most on the market.  Therefore, we have provided a schematic drawing with measurements in the product photos.  There is not an industry standard or regulation when it comes to sizing hooks.  Each manufacturer is different.  However, hook sizes are traditionally based off several factors including the distance between the shank and the point of the hook, the gap width or the distance between the point and the shank, wire diameter or gauge of the hook, etc.  Obviously, the Long Neck hooks have an outsized shank, their wire diameter is equivalent to the same size of the Mustad 32786 jig hook, but our gaps are smaller than some other hooks on the market.